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As you can see from the title, this site is about art, music, and mental illness.  But in reality, it's about much more.  It's about the human condition..... the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the mundane and the divine.
Not all of the pictures here are pleasant.  In fact, some are downright painful to see and experience.  But then life is full of difficult and painful experiences whether you have a mental illness or not.   Hopefully I have included enough of the lighter and brighter aspects of life and mental illness that some balance has been brought to the work as a whole.
Art is a healing, life-giving, meditative, and transformative experience.  Art keeps me alive and brings me focus.  And hopefully, by sharing, others will find something of value as well.
My reason for sharing my artwork is three-fold:
I wish to bring greater insight and understanding into what it's like to live with a mental illness.  And in doing so, I hope to lessen stigma and evoke compassion.  There's nothing romantic about mental illness.  It can create havoc and bring terrible suffering.  But it is something that many are affected by, and trying to hide it, ignore it, or shun those who have it does not work or help anyone.
I also wish to let others who have a mental illness know that they are not alone.  There's lots of us 'out there' (yep, double entendre intended).  :-)  We are beautiful, wonderful, and downright awesome people who are worthy of friendship and love.
Thirdly, I hope that this site will encourage the support of programs such as Art Awakenings, which bring art, creativity, and music to those who live with mental illness.  These programs are not only valuable; they are life saving.  It is with much gratitude that I've been able to take a part in such a program.  I've included music, some of which is by my friend, Kevin G. Moore.  Thank you, Kevin, for allowing me to share your music here.  And for sharing your own experiences with mental illness through your words and songs. 
May the journey be enlightening.


Song: The Dance, by Kevin G. Moore



Anyone who has a mental illness and would like to have their work posted here, please contact me at .  I would love to be able to feature work by other artists, especially if it involves mental illness. 


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